1. At any site, where the employees of KazGeoSynthetics LLP install materials, Constructor Director assigns a person among installers responsible for accounting of materials received.
  2. When installing geomembrane, the employees under supervision of the person responsible for accounting shall:
    1. When accepting a truck from the plant remove a seal or record and report the information, if not sealed. Check the quantity and numbers of rolls against a packing list;
    2. Take a picture of a packed and labeled roll;
    3. Remove the label carefully and attach it to the register;
    4. Perform visual inspection of a geomembrane roll to identify any visible defects and rolling (if any visible defects detected, take a picture and note such defects on the label);
    5. After a geomembrane roll has been rolled out, measure the length with a tape measure, take photos and video, record actual length of the roll on the label and in the register.
    6. Not use geomembrane rolls without labels.
    7. The responsible person shall report the information at the end of works to Construction Director or to Commercial Director in the head office, as applicable, on a daily basis.
    8. Keep all labels until the facilities are accepted. Record numbers of rolls installed for a day in the work log. Record numbers of rolls on the screening map.
  3. Take pictures and 10-20 sec. video on the site on a daily basis - overall view, working process, sites of installed and non-installed materials (Take pictures and video of overall view from the same place).
  4. Provide a progress report to Construction Director on a daily basis.