• Improves the reliability of constructions by increasing the bearing capacity of soil;
  • Allows you to start operation of the road immediately after its arrangement and during the work
  • All-purpose material allows solving a wide range of important tasks of road construction in an optimal way: road enforcement, erosion protection, strengthening of weak base, reinforcement of road surface, protection of pipeline cones, construction of retaining walls
  • provides stability of structure and significantly reduces the deformation processes
  • increases the structure’s service life


  • Easy transport and storage of geomembrane
  • Professional installation of geomembrane structures prolongs the service life for not less than 90 years
  • It allows you to create the artificial tank of almost any size, volume and configuration
  • Worked-out methods of post-operational assessment of material and works’ quality starting from certification of raw materials used for geomembrane production, mechanical testing of each roll and conduction of welded joint testing on site
  • Connection of sheets by welding allows performing the installation at high pace; the joint strength is not less than the strength of material itself


  • Increases the mechanical strength, reliability and operating life of constructions
  • Improves the quality of construction and repair operations, their pace; decreases working time
  • Permits water and air through, but hinders the microscopic particles of soil from penetrating
  • Maintains optimum heat exchange and provides even soil temperature
  • Resistant to mechanical (shock) stress and chemical influences
  • Helps to increase bearing capacity of roads, does not allow mixing the soil with gravel and sand


  • Protects the structures from shifts and displacement and evenly distributes the dynamic loads on its surface
  • Increases the operational integrity of road surfaces
  • Provides rigid fixation of filler on the base and does not allow the layers to mix
  • High speed of installation due to the light weight of material and simplicity of laying
  • Extends the service life of soil without cracks and subsidence
  • Increases possible loads
  • Simplifies the technology of construction by improving the quality of construction operations


  • Increases the strength of road structure by reducing the moisture of road bed grounds, improving the conditions of work of non-cohesive and cohesive soils under the exposure to dynamic loads
  • Speeds up consolidation of foundation soils
  • Reduces the thickness of drainage layers from mineral materials due to the acceleration of water drainage
  • Combination of geotextile and polyethylene film allows using the benefits of both synthetic materials
  • Provides high level of waterproofing
  • Reliable protection of geotextile by polyethylene film allows retaining the waterproof qualities over the whole operation of watertight bedding