• Increases the service life (up to 120 years)
  • Reduces the scope of works and materials, decreases capital costs by 50%
  • Required rigidity and strength of structure is achieved using ‘free’ local materials without any special fillers
  • Easy transport: foldable modules of Geocell are compact and do not require any special fixtures for loading/unloading
  • Provides free, safe and year-round traffic of construction machinery in the process of construction via road surfacing immediately after its arrangement; access routes are not required


  • High speed of welding saves time resources
  • Economic efficiency of geomembrane installation results in the reduction of costs for installation and further maintenance of the facility
  • Easy transport and storage of geomembrane
  • Saves the material on joints, as the width of material is up to 6 m
  • Decreases the amount of earth works, use of transported materials, and allows promptly implementing the design
  • Increases the service life of construction due to physical and chemical properties of geomembrane
  • Does not require maintenance


  • Gives the significant economic effect due to the reduction of specific material of structures and their subsequent operational cost
  • Mobility of material, its light weight and compactness allows saving the workforce and transport of the material to the facility
  • Price efficiency
  • Installation is simple and requires no special machinery
  • Reduces the period of construction


  • Simplifies construction technology and saves human and material resources
  • Reduces the period of construction
  • Reduces the scope of required earthworks
  • Improves the conditions and quality of construction operations
  • Reduces operational costs for maintenance and repair of asphalt concrete covering by 30%
  • Reduces the consumption of filling material
  • Allows reducing the thickness of asphalt concrete coverings
  • Reduces the costs for sidewalk and road maintenance


  • Decreases the cost by reducing the operational costs for maintenance of motor roads and other facilities
  • Provides high speed of installation due to light weight
  • Material structure allows using it on foundations made of local ground thus reducing the installation costs
  • Reduces the costs significantly due to simple installation: the beds can be connected by overlapping and filling with ground or connected by brackets