• Uses eco-friendly construction material that is not toxic, does not emit hazardous substances that may affect people and environment
  • Allows reinforcing the slopes without using the concrete mixes and provides opportunities to keep the natural territory without impeding the growth of grass
  • Material provides opportunities to create the coverings of sites with grassy upper layer while reinforcing and strengthening their base
  • Does not prevent the normal circulation of moisture and performs the draining function.


  • Does not pollute the environment, has no impact on chemical composition of water and soil
  • Protects structures from the destructive impact of water – groundwater, rainwater, corrosion
  • Retains (accumulates) liquids in tanks – saves water resources
  • Absolute impermeability and high chemical resistance to alkali and acids allows avoiding the release of wastes, industrial and production cycle elements into the soil; fully eliminates filtration and diffusion of environment pollution sources


  • Eco-friendly composition of material – no harmful impacts on people and environment
  • Eco-friendly installation technology – saves natural construction materials
  • Due to high water permeability it allows constructing drainage structures without disrupting the natural flow of water, but draining it from the functionally important parts of facility
  • Helps to limit the growth of weed grass thus helping the useful elements to nourish the plant roots


  • Reduces the consumption of natural resources
  • Protects the slopes from erosion by keeping the soil from blowout, gives the opportunity to plants freely grow through the grid
  • Ensures the drainage by keeping the soil layers of different fractions at the required level without damaging the root system of plants
  • Does not harm the environment – it does not decompose, does not emit any hazardous chemicals


  • Does not decompose in ground, has no impact on chemical composition of soils
  • Does not emit any hazardous and toxic substances; it has no impact on human health
  • Saves the consumable material, does not allow layers of soil to subside and saves the resources
  • Localises the polygons with wastes of various classes, protecting it from the harmful impact on environment