Facility: EEC JSC, Aksu, Pavlodar Region, construction of ash-disposal area No. 3 - 2013 – 2015.

In summer periods of 2013 – 2015, KazGeoSynthetics LLP was performing the installation of geosynthetic materials in the facility of EEC JSC in Aksu, Pavlodar Region for construction of ash-disposal area No.3. During this period, we have supplied and installed more than 2,000,000 m2 of geosynthetic materials. During the installation of geomembrane, weld joint quality control was performed, namely the leak testing of joints by feeding the overload air pressure into the test channel. At this facility, our company for the first time mounted the site at the air temperature ranging between– 20 and– 25 °C. Despite the low temperature, the results of installation passed all laboratory testing. The complexity of the installation of geosynthetic materials was represented by strong gales in the area. This issue was solved together with the representatives of EEC JSC by parallel operation of polymeric material welders from KazGeoSynthetics LLP and contractor that filled the sites of installed geomembranes with soil over the perimeter that allowed to avoid raising the geomembranes by air flows. Our employees installed about 20,000 m2 to 35,000 m2 of geomembrane per shift depending on weather conditions. The works on construction of this facility were performed in accordance with design documentation.

Facility: Waterproofing of Beyneu-Shymkent Gas Pipeline, 2012-2013

The total length of gas pipeline was 5,127.29 metres; the length of Baikonur site was 1,385 m. The facility was divided into 14 sites of various lengths starting from 260 m site located 715 km to the west and finishing with the end of the western part; in the eastern direction the works were performed starting with 100 m site on 744 km of gas pipeline to the east.

The works were complicated by bad weather conditions and the lack of settlements; thus, the installation was performed in the steppe. For those purposes, the moving camp was arranged. Mobilisation period was 3-6 days from site to site, depending on weather conditions. Sometimes the roads were not passable. In some places, the works had to be performed at the height of 1.8 m above the ground.

Complexity of this facility’s construction is that it is isolated from the settlements, lacks the access routes for vehicles. Water and POL had to be brought to the facility because of the remoteness of settlements and lack of roads. Despite those difficulties, the facility was completed in due time taking into account downtime caused by weather.

Facility: Southern Cooling Pond of the second recovery cycle of Aktyubinsk Plant of Chrome Compounds JSC, 2012

In 2012, the works on arrangement of geomembrane impervious screen were carried out in the Southern cooling pond of the second recovery cycle of Aktyubinsk Plant of Chrome Compounds JSC with the total area of about 200 square metres.

KGS in addition to basic tasks supervised the conduction of earthworks in order to ensure the proper formation of underlying layer of foundation and protective layers (evenness, compaction degree, presence of slopes, and absence of impurities that could harm geomembrane). These included land planning (bed and slopes), laying of sand to form the levelling layer, forming the protective layers (from sand and gravel), closing gap backfilling (high-quality embankment). The task of plant was to check the compliance of works to recommendations, observe, and give comments for elimination if necessary in order to achieve maximum efficiency from the use of geomaterials.

The facility was successfully commissioned and put in operation.

Facility: Evaporation pond No. 2 of integrated treatment facility located at Amangeldy field in the Talass district of Zhambyl Region, Amangeldy Gas LLP, 2013

In 2013, the works on the replacement of concrete blanket of evaporation pond of the Amangeldy field’s treatment facility were completed.

The new blanket was made of geomembrane and geotextile. In addition, the plant provided the supervision over the conduction of earth works to prepare the base for waterproofing; the works on laying and welding of waterproofing materials were successfully completed at evaporation pond with the size of 90х60 metres. Upon completion of works, the joints were hydrotested.