Registration date:  Certificate of State Registration No. 1064-1907-09-ТОО dated 21/07/2009.

In 2008, the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan set the task for the Ministry of Transport and Communications to raise the level of Kazakhstani content during construction of motor roads.

Geosynthetic materials play a great role in modern road construction; thus, localisation of their production is required to ensure the development of road-construction industry in the country.

The creation of the first Kazakhstani Plant for geomaterials production was fulfilled by KazGeoSynthetics LLP.

Production output started in April 2009.



By Order No.226 of the MTC dated May 19, 2008, KazGeoSynthetics LLP was included into the Action Plan to Increase Local Content. In April 2008, KazGeoSynthetics LLP signed the Memorandum with the MTC on the provision of production of domestic geosynthetic materials and their implementation into road construction.

KazGeoSynthetics LLP is the first and only manufacturer that offers the package of services that include design, production, delivery, and installation of materials on the site.

The plant is the only plant in the territory of the RK that has its own storage facilities allowing to produce and store materials before the start of facility construction in order to ensure the delivery of material in due time, in bulk and without any failures to meet the dates.

The plant is the only Kazakhstani manufacturer that develops the regulatory documentation in collaboration with state authorities. LLP has developed and implemented the enterprise standards for the entire range of geosynthetic materials, Technological Regulations for production. Together with KazDorNII JSC, KAZGOR DA, KazSRI of Water Economy LLP the Recommendations for the Use and Installation of Produced Geosynthetic Materials were developed under the conditions of the RK (in road and hydraulic engineering). These documents are of great help to all market participants of works implementation.

Our employees are always ready to provide the support of design, survey, construction, and installation works of various levels of complexity using geomaterials. We are ready to assist you in choosing the best materials and technology of its application.